Body Sculpting

It can be challenging to lose weight, and while a balanced diet and regular exercise can help, many people have trouble spots of fat that don't seem to respond to these strategies. In the past, intrusive and expensive operations like liposuction were the only option to remove body fat and reach one's goals. The previous several years have seen numerous technical developments in the cosmetics sector, opening the door for new and highly effective procedures and therapies including non-invasive body sculpting in Conyers, GA. At Multi-Care Holistic Health Center, we offer body sculpting treatments that help our patients shed inches and achieve a more toned and sculpted physique in areas that were once stubborn pockets of body fat.


Non-invasive body sculpting refers to a number of different procedures that can eliminate body fat and re-contour one’s physique. There are several methods used in non-invasive body sculpting, including LED red light therapy, which uses non-damaging wavelengths of light, including infrared light, reach the fat cells and promote a natural healing response that helps drain the contents from the fat cell which are then removed from the body via its natural waste removal systems.

Many areas of stubborn fat can be targeted such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, back, arms, chest (for men), and even under the chin and neck area. At Multi-Care Holistic Health Center we use the FDA-cleared Contour Light device that uses patented reflective coated pads that are wrapped around the stubborn fat areas of the body which increase this process due to the light wavelengths bouncing back from the skin and reflecting back into the fat cells. This causes the highest retention of light energy possible compared to any other device that may use this type of technology.


Non-invasive body sculpting works by targeting fat cells and causing the cell to “shrink” by draining the contents of the cell where they can be eliminated from the body naturally. At Multi-Care Holistic Health Center, we use the FDA-cleared device Contour Light, which uses LED red light therapy. After the fat cells have been reduced, the waste from the cells are broken down by the body and expelled via the body’s waste removal systems. Most patients experience a reduction in the circumference of their targeted areas immediately after their first treatment.


The benefits of non-invasive body sculpting include:

  • Reduces Fat Cells — Body sculpting is a great way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. The fat cells are reduced in size by draining the contents of the cell and then removed via the body’s lymphatic and excretory systems.
  • Fast and Convenient — Another huge benefit of body sculpting procedures is that they do not require a huge time commitment; many of them can be performed in under an hour.
  • No Risks or Side Effects — Body sculpting procedures such as the Contour Light are safe and effective. There is no pain and no downtime. Many patients state they only feel a warm sensation that is very calming and relaxing. Because there are no incisions made, there is no risk of infection, unlike surgical procedures.
  • Long-Term Results — Most cosmetic treatments produce short-lived results, commonly a few months long. Even procedures that achieve longer-term results do not last nearly as long as body contouring. In fact, with the proper lifestyle changes, the results of a non-invasive body sculpting procedure can last a lifetime.


Non-invasive body sculpting in Conyers, GA, is a versatile treatment that can benefit a wide number of people including:

  • Both Men and Women — While cosmetic treatments are much more popular among women, men can also benefit from these procedures, especially body sculpting.
  • People of All Skin Types — There are several non-invasive procedures that only work on certain skin types; many laser treatments are notorious for only working on fair skin tones, leaving people with darker skin tones to look elsewhere. However, non-invasive body sculpting is nondiscriminatory and works on all skin tones and colors as there have been no reports of skin damage.

Good candidates also include:

  • Those With a Healthy Lifestyle
  • People Close to Their Ideal Weight
  • Those Looking for Convenient Solutions

There are some contraindications to the Contour Light and other similar treatments such as kidney or liver disease that reduces the body’s ability to eliminate waste. Consult with your doctor about this before considering this type of treatment.

If you have stubborn areas of fat that have not responded to proper diet or regular exercise, come to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center today. Call us or book an appointment with our non-invasive body sculpting specialist, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 1650 Honey Creek Commons SE, Conyers, GA 30013. We serve patients from Conyers GA, Lithonia GA, Covington GA, Oxford GA, and Stonecrest GA. We look forward to serving you!


"I am very satisfied. I lost approximately 20 lbs. on the program and 7 ¾ inches off my abdomen with the sculpting treatment. I have learned the skills to continue to lose weight and I am confident I will keep the weight off now."

-Rhonda Fairley

Referral Worthy

"I'm satisfied with my body sculpting procedures and the comfortable environment in which the procedures are done. I have referred my family, and one of them is also participating in the body sculpting procedures."

- Cornelia Fitzgerald

Great Experience

"Friendly staff!!!!!! GREAT experience. 4 inches lost on first body sculpting visit."

-Linda Coursey

Dream Come True

"Contour Light has been a dream come true!! A year ago, I did the weight loss program paired with Contour Light Body Sculpting with this amazing staff, & it was the best experience ever. I came back a year later to do the Contour Light because the results I saw the first time were outstanding. If you are looking for affordable, healthy weight-loss, Multi-Care is the place to go. You will be serviced with a GREAT staff & great results!"

-Logan Horne