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Holistic Healthcare Clinic in Conyers, GA

Here at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center, we are proud to offer many holistic health services to our patients. Our focus is to find the root cause of your problem and not just “mask the symptoms”.

If you are looking for a doctor who will take the time to find out your health history, explain what is going on and what he is going to do to help you then come in and see Dr. Johnson, DC, who has been helping people for over 25 years. From your first visit, you will know that you came to the right place!

We want you to be healthy and happy in all aspects of your life. We are conveniently located at 1650 Honey Creek Commons SE Suite F, Conyers, GA 30013. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.


A holistic healthcare clinic focuses on a wellness approach to health. Holistic comes from the word “whole” meaning you look at the whole person and tries to get to the root cause of the problem, and not just address the symptom. Holistic healthcare providers are trained to take an all-embracing approach to your health, providing services that go beyond traditional medicine; this includes a variety of more in depth testing, as well as more natural treatments and techniques that are designed to help achieve maximum wellness.

It is crucial you find a seasoned practitioner who has the knowledge to help you. There are many practitioners who call themselves “holistic” but lack the years of experience it takes to fully understand how to help you.


Let’s look at high blood pressure as an example. A medical doctor would likely prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure. The medication may do this very well, but as soon as you stop the medication the blood pressure will elevate. This is why doctors often say “you need take this medication forever.” The holistic approach would be to find out what is the cause of your high blood pressure and address the cause. If the cause is found and addressed, the blood pressure can lower back to normal – and therefore eliminating the need for the mediation.


Here at Multi-Care our approach is to first look for the cause of a person’s symptoms and not just put a “band-aid” on it by just treating the symptoms. This starts with an in-depth consultation with our doctor. Since your body can be affected by many influences such as hormone imbalances, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, food and environmental allergens, physical stressors and more, this first step is very crucial. Most patients can experience the difference on their first visit that this experience is exactly what they have been looking for. Then a program can be developed to get you on the right path so you can get back to vibrant health and wellness. This is what you will experience as a new patient at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center:

  • Friendly Caring Staff that will greet you with enthusiasm and help you get started as a new patient!
  • Caring, Concerned Healthcare Providers that will take the time to listen to your story and gather all the necessary data to decide what diagnostics are needed to get to the bottom of your health concerns!
  • Treatment options presented with all your questions answered and concerns handled before you start anything.
  • Finances discussed up front including any Health Insurance coverage and various payment options available to help suit your budget.
  • Only the most State-of-the-art treatment options so you know that you are receiving the very best treatment!
  • Our patients are #1 most important to us and our goal is to get you to your highest level of health in a safe, caring and professional environment!
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No Longer Taking Prescriptions

"I have been suffering from severe acid reflux for the past 15 or 20 years. Since starting the program with Multi-Care Holistic Health Center, for the past 7 weeks, I am no longer taking prescription or over-the-counter medication for this condition."

-Linda G.