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What Is Holistic Healthcare?

Conventional healthcare operates with a focus on relieving symptoms. In contrast, holistic healthcare from Multi-Care Holistic Health Center operates with one goal in mind: addressing the root causes of your health issues. We consider your entire personhood to craft a treatment plan for you that is in alignment with your goals, which means that we consider the mind, body, and spirit. You could consider it a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions.

We’ve heard from many patients that other healthcare providers felt their condition was simply something they’d have to live with — but rest assured, holistic healthcare could resolve your problems once and for all.

Therapeutic Integration

We focus on a multifaceted treatment plan that puts you at the center. That means an assessment, perhaps a doctor-supervised weight loss program, and any treatment designed to fit a specific place or injury (like our extremely effective shockwave therapy).

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The Whole Person

Treating symptoms is one thing, but healing a person is another. Holistic healthcare operates with a focus on regaining and maintaining the essential balance necessary to living a full life in good health. That means we provide everything from location-specific treatment options to natural hormonal balancing solutions, to alternative herbs and supplements.

Chinese medicine

Ancient Medicine

Eastern healthcare has ancient roots. Our herbs and supplements, for example, hail from the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine and more. In the Eastern understanding of medicine, the holistic method has reigned supreme for thousands of years. We bring it to you in a unique fusion of East and West, new and old.

How We Help You

We can craft a plan for your success today. The first step is to schedule an appointment. Afterwards, we’ll be in touch with you. Taking the step towards holistic healthcare is a bold step forward for those of us used to the traditional system of Western medicine — let our team at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center guide you toward a better and more healthful future.

Conditions We Treat